News Center -TDO- Embassy of the people's Republic of China in Ankara, hosted by Ambassador Undersecretary Cheng Weihua, held a briefing on the draft law on East Turkistan passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

A large number of press members attended the meeting held at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ankara.

Cheng Weihua, Undersecretary of the Chinese Embassy in Ankara, said: "This bill is interfering in Chinese domestic affairs in a very rude way. We strongly oppose and condemn this."

The US House of Representatives has passed a draft law imposing sanctions on Chinese authorities in the context of policies of repression and intimidation against Uighur Turks in East Turkestan. But his comments came as the United States adopted such a bill not because it sided with and supported the Uighur Turks, but because it intended to protect its own economic and commercial interests. The bill passed by 407 votes to 1 in the General Assembly vote. Under this bill, the sale of all U.S.-origin devices that could be used for surveillance purposes to China was prohibited.

Cheng Weihua, Undersecretary of the Chinese Embassy in Ankara, made the allegations about his country and said "a few days ago America's House of Representatives passed the 2019 Uyghur Human Rights Bill. It is not only about America, but also about the whole world, especially China and Turkey. That's not surprising either. We could say it's America's type of move. This bill is very rudely interfering in Chinese domestic affairs. We strongly oppose and condemn this. The Chinese side will react according to the development of the business. This also showed the world once again the hypocrisy and double standard of America in the fight against terrorism. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed several sanctions on Turkey's F-35 cooperation on the Armenian issue and on the purchase of the S-400 air defense system. There, human rights and democracy are excuses, the main goal is to prevent and prevent the development of developing countries such as China and Turkey by serving their own interests.”

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