İrem UZUN -TDO- UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen Lise Grande warned of possible rapid spread of COVID-19 in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. Grande has said nearly one million displaced people in Yemen risk losing their shelter, warning of a dire funding shortfall and "a very real probability" that the new coronavirus is already circulating undetected. The country has been in civil war situation for the last 5 years and has severely shattered its health system.

In the press relief of the UN Office of Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, it says “Since the first confirmed COVID case, we have warned that the virus is now in Yemen and may quickly spread... The factors are all here. Low levels of general immunity, high levels of acute vulnerability and a fragile, overwhelmed health system... There’s no time to lose. People have to be informed accurately and quickly about what is happening so they can do what’s necessary to protect themselves and their families”. Nearly 80% of the population requires some form of humanitarian assistance and protection. Ten million people are a step away from famine and 7 million people are malnourished in the country.

In April 10, Yemen reported its first COVID-19 case, who was a 60-year old port official. On Monday, the Coronavirus Committee announced that the patient recovered and tested negative. However, the UN has warned that Yemen could expect as many as 16 million coronavirus cases and the most likely scenario is for about 55 percent of the population to become infected.

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