“Stop 'Far West' in America”. Two days after the massacre in the gay club in Orlando, Florida, the most strict warning comes from the UN, through the mouth of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which speaks of “violent attacks frighteningly banal”, but preventable if only there were much better controls.The Massacre of Orlando in the disco 'Pulse' was the176th case this year in the United States. The complaint comes from Human Rights Watch (HRW).“From cinema Aurora in Newtown, from San Bernardino and Orlando – written in a note - the main killing machine was also an AR-15, a rifle of military origin, whose semi-automatic version is known for its accuracy and the volume of fire, and which can be legally purchased in the United States. “ So much so that - reminds HRW – “the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 (where 20 children and six adults died) have sued the manufacturer of the AR-15 claiming that the gun it is a military weapon and should not be sold to civilians”. Beyond the weapons, however, it is another common thread: the legislative inaction, writes HRW stressed that “regardless of the number of deaths, age or the identity of the victims, or the motivations and the personal story of the killer, MPs who have the power to regulate access to weapons have not done anything. the US government has a responsibility to protect the population from armed violence” concludes.By Teresa TERRACCIANOYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of July

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