Selin ATAY-TDO-According to written explanation by OHCHR, UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michele Bachelet, Prime Minister of the Republic of Sudan and Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs congregated in the context of 74. UN General Assembly.

Shortly after the meeting, Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Bachelet inked an agreement concerning opening of OHCHR Office in the presence of P.M Hamduk. Under the agreement, Darfur foresees the opening of field offices in the regions of East Sudan, South Kurdufan and Blue Nile.

Bachalet, interpreted this agreement inked by Republic of Sudan as a milestone. Drawing attention that Sudan is passing through the most significant era of its history, Bachalet emphasized that UN is standing by Sudan.

High Commissioner Bachalet stated that she wants to support Republic of Sudan in the issues of combating with inequality, reinforcing essential economic and social rights, government’s making corporation reforms in order to provide domestic legislations in compliance with requirements of international human rights, constituting the justice to support compromise and being accountable and encouraging women and minority participation to democracy in a strengthened way.

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