Mustafa AY – TDO – 11.07.2017 In July 7 session in New York, UN made the recent times’s most considerable decision with its revolutionary decision to enforce ban on nuclear weapon across all countries, as well as North Korea. 122 UN member countries’ votes by ‘ban’, besides ‘against the treaty’ vote from Netherlands and abstention from Singapore, may result in total nuclear disarmament, hopefully. According to the treaty, the development, manufacture, usage/test and storage of nuclear weapons are going to be forbidden. The prominent UN member countries comprising of - USA, Russia, China, France, UK, Israel, India, Pakistan and other nuclear weapon holders – did not take part in the voting. However, following the consensus about the UN’s Treaty of Ban on Nuclear Weapon reached by 122 countries, US, British and French delegates adjusted a joint press conference and conveyed their thoughts about the result like “we don’t recognize the result.”.

Following imminent threats from Iran in the past, today, North Korea and USA are on the verge of nuclear war. North Korean leader’s arbitrary threats against USA simultaneously expose the other countries to the same threats, on the grounds that “Our nuclear missiles can hit anywhere in the World” said Kim Jong-Un.  His statement was perceived as ‘our missiles may also turn into your lands’. As a result of Kim’s statement, UN has just broadened the extent of the treaty to USA, Russia and alikes on the base of such an understanding implying that nuclear weapons with catastrophic effect should not be at the hands of those country too, as well as North Korea. In case of possible contestation to the decision from USA and its alikes, UN might rightfully and rationally come up with the justification that “if USA does not want North Korea to possess nuclear missile, they should start with themselves.”

In the last week, several financial and banking institutions prevailing across the globe were subject to cyber-attacks. Following the damages on those institutions caused by cyber-attacks, many think-tank associations put forward the rightful doubts about “what if nuclear missiles would be hacked”, on the World agenda. Especially, British American Security Information Council’s (Basic) recent reports suggest that British Royal Navy’s ‘Trident’ nuclear submarines may be affected by cyber-attacks. In response to the suggestion, it is impossible for such an occasion to unfold, because submarines during performing their duties under sea lost its access to internet, British government deemed the report as invalid. However, there are leaking news undermining Royal Navy’s reputation, although UK government tries to regard that news as unfounded so as to refute. They suggest that the most modern aircraft carrier of Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, uses Microsoft XP software on the flying control. Such claims have tendency to substantiate - they are not allegations, but truth British government tried to distort -. For this reason, British American Security Information Council (Basic)’s report may most likely be accurate, as opposed to the unfolded UK government asserted like. Besides all those news, there are technological innovations that have potential to bother superpowers like British government. The prominent one of those innovations is:

  • In 2014, Ben Gurion University accomplished finding out the way of how to access a pc without internet connection. That is, they access through drone transmitting FM signals so that they can infiltrated into the targeted pc and steal data’s from that.

The discovery of Ben Gurion University renders British ‘Trident’ nuclear submarines in service hackable, even though British officials still claims like “impossible to breach the systems of submarine.”. Therefore, the delegates from USA, UK and France may be silenced with those facts, even if they are still questioning the validity and logic of the result of voting.

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