News Center -TDO- Sherp International Company, headquartered in Ukraine, wants to sell its all-terrain vehicles to Turkish institutions first, and then produce them in Turkey together with a Turkish company with which it cooperates.

Sherp, which introduced its vehicles to various institutions in Turkey and held talks with the authorities of the institution, conducted a demonstration drive for members of the press near Ankara's Gölbaşı district.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Sybiha, who participated in the demonstration driving program, closely examined the vehicles and accompanied the driving by riding in the test-driving vehicle.

Ambassador Sybiha said: "A test drive of amphibious all-terrain vehicles produced by the Ukrainian company Sherp was held near Ankara today. These vehicles can easily cross all obstacles in mountainous terrain, water, swamps and snowy areas and are very effective in emergency situations. In a word, almost a tank!”

Ruşen Akyil, CEO of the Turkish company that will make joint production, said in his speech: “We have a contact about these products since 2016. At that time, these products first appeared. But it wasn't a fabricated production mode either. During this time, he has come a very long way in Sherp and is on his way to becoming a global company. He came to the end of it. As a result, very beautiful products emerged as the final product. According to these interviews, we have 30 years of local experience. Our experience, especially with such vehicles, goes back 10 years.

About 700 vehicles are working in AFAD, major energy companies and electricity distribution companies throughout Turkey. At a time when our own products were insufficient, we went looking for a new tool and combined our paths with Sherp, which we decided was the best in the world.

By the end of next year, I think domestic production vehicles will be out of the band. By the end of next year, these vehicles will now come out of a band in Turkey as production. At the first start, 20 percent becomes a domestic and national contribution. But years later, this contribution will also rise to the upper dimensions. According to them, this project is very much in their work, production in Turkey. Turkey's proximity to the Middle East and Europe is a stepping stone for them due to their situation arising from customs union agreements.”

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