Yesterday upon the initiative of the Spouse of Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey, Tetiana Sybiha, the children of Ukrainian diaspora had an online festive event as the holidays season is starting.

For the event a special guest from Kyiv was invited -Ivan Malkovych, who is known as the founder of Ukrainian modern literature for children. He has established a famous publishing company, A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, which employs best highly qualified authors, writers, translators and artists.

During the event all children actively participated by singing, reciting poems and listening to Ivan Malkovych readings.

The most active participants will receive as gifts books personally from Ivan Malkovych.

The books published by A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA were translated into many languages including Turkish. In 2018 a book for children  “Lisa and Her Dreams” was published in Turkish available for Turkish readers.

 Currently the cooperation with Turkish publishers is actively going on. Some more projects are planned to be implemented in the nearest future, so that little readers will have opportunity to learn more about Ukraine, feel its culture and traditions by exploring its literary heritage.

“Traditionally this year we would gather together in a big hall dancing and singing with our children. All children would receive presents from St. Nicolas. But the new normal introduces new rules that’s why our celebrations were transferred into online format. Tomorrow all seven Ukrainian Saturday Schools will perform and sing for St. Nicolas online telling about all good things that they have done to make their personal contribution to bring more kindness and charity into this world”.

At night every Ukrainian child gets a present from St. Nicolas under the pillow. Some naughty kids may get a stick for punishment, but luckily it happens very rarely.

The holiday mood has embraced the whole country and in the event with Ivan Malkovych the students of Ukrainian Saturday Schools and Ukrainian community members actively participated.

There are 16 Ukrainian communities (derneks) officially registered all over Turkey.

It’s very important that in spite of the hard pandemic times, Ukrainian derneks in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalia, Alanya, Bodrum, Izmir, Marmaris, Adana, Konya, Samsun, Bursa etc. have managed to cover several charity projects:

-by donating warm clothes to Syrian refugees,

- helping Ukrainian children coming to Turkey for treatment of cancer;

- Sending presents to families from Ukraine who lost their breadwinners in war in the East of Ukraine.

- In close contact with volunteers from Ukraine several charity projects were established;

The online meeting with Ivan Malkovych has been organized with a strong support by Ukrainian community in Ankara (Ukrayna Derneği).

The Ukrainian community in Ankara has been officially registered on March, 6 2017 upon the initiative of Ukrainians residing in Ankara.

The Dernek sees among its main goals preservation and popularization of Ukrainian language and traditions among families of Ukrainian-Turkish origin. Its active  members  support people from Ukraine arriving to Turkey for permanent or temporary residence, by helping with their successful adaptation to Turkish society.

The Ukrainian community actively develops friendly relations between Ukraine and Turkey, contributes to strengthening mutual connections.

One of the important Ukrainian community’s projects is the Saturday school for children, where they have an opportunity to study Ukrainian, Turkish and English as well as they study arts, learn basics of folk dancing and traditional songs.

The Ukrainian Saturday schools actively participate in various events organized by local municipalities and diplomatic corps.

In the Ukrainian Dernek the first library of Ukrainian literature has been established. The  people can lend books to read in Ukrainian and on Ukraine in Turkish.

The community involves the best professionals and offers language classes of Turkish, Ukrainian and English for adults as well.

 Among the Ukrainian Derneks projects the most popular are the Chior of Folk Song, “Flowers of Ukraine” Dance Ensemble, informational resource and Crisis Center for Psychological Support.

Therefore with common efforts successful bridges of friendship are being built between Ukraine and Turkey.

The children raised in Turkish-Ukrainian families have strong  command of several languages. The parents are doing everything possible to provide their children with knowledge and skills by raising them as conscious and compassionate citizens for the prosperous future of both countries Ukraine and Turkey.

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