News Centre -TDO- The Ukrainian Cinema Days, held for the first time, began in Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız and Ukrainian consul general of Istanbul Oleksandr Gaman attended the event which started in Cinemo Grand Pera cinema hall in cooperation with Beyoğlu Municipality and Consulate General of Ukraine Istanbul. At the opening of the event, a Ukrainian promotional film prepared by E2 media from Turkey met the audience. The film also showed Ukraine's hospitality, rich cuisine, natural wonders and tourist attractions to the audience, and recognized Ukraine's rich cultural and history, including the "Ottoman Arch". After the promotional film, The film "Tamilla", which was shot by Turkish director Muhsin Ertuğrul and is of great importance for Ukraine, met the audience.

Beyoğlu mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, who made the opening speech of the event, said that Beyoğlu is the center of culture, art and tourism and "the heart of Turkish cinema, the main heart of Yeşilçam and the street right next to us for years, serving Turkish cinema Yeşilçam is an art center that is a place where actors, actresses perform their life and arts. Atatürk Culture Center, which will be launched in a year or so with movie theaters, theater halls, opera and ballet halls, will continue to be the center of attraction of culture and art very quickly," he said.

Yıldız also said, “In our meeting with the consul general, we talked about what we can do in terms of culture, art, tourism and trade. We considered it appropriate to start the first step as 'Ukrainian Cinema Days' in Beyoğlu, which is the heart of cinema in Turkey. Art is the most harmonious expression of emotion and thought. We are the people of two countries whose feelings and thoughts are close together, sharing the same geography, the same sea. So we have films to watch with common sense," he said.

Oleksandr Gaman, Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul, said: "First of all, I want to emphasize that this big project has been realized for the first time in the history of our bilateral relations. I'd like to invite everyone to watch our film screenings over the next four days. I'm sure all the movies will be liked by the audience. Because the range is very rich. I would like to thank Beyoğlu mayor Haydar Ali Yildiz and his team for their support of our event," said the president of the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus.

Modern long and short films will be presented to moviegoers at the Ukrainian Cinema Days, which runs until December 1st.

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