Şimal Çınar -TDO- Earlier on Thursday, the parliament of Ukraine defined the eastern areas of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are seized by pro-Russian separatists as “temporarily occupied” by Russia with the newly passed "Donbass reintegration law" with 280 lawmakers voting in favor. The document says "The Russian Federation is committing a crime of aggression against Ukraine and is temporarily occupying parts of its territory." The law also gives Ukrainian citizens the right to sue Moscow for damaging their property. The reason for Ukraine to pass such a law is that the country accuses Russia of sending troops and arming the separatists in the region.

Russia, denying the accusation declared that there are only Russian "volunteers" helping the rebels. In a statement later, same day Russia accuses Kiev of trying to solve the conflict by force and the new law violated the Minsk peace accords of 2015. A ministry statement said "You cannot call this anything but preparation for a new war".

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