Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.08.2017 Following Manchester attack DEASH assumed, 22 civilian’s slaughter led deep sadness in UK society. After bloody carnage, British fund named ‘We Love Manchester’ was founded with the aim of providing economic support to families of victims. At this week, the Fund paid 250.000 £ to the families as a result of public donations, which shows UK’s solidarity against terrorism.

Besides sad deaths of 22, 57 civilians were taken to hospital for treatment. They have undergone a long-lasting treatment process like about 10 days, which led them to face hospital bill, cost of 60.000 £ each. The Fund appeared to look after them by paying their treatment expenditures. The interesting and that annoying case emerging is that although National Intelligence Agencies- MI5 and MI6- reveal security weakness, which is the core reason for the deaths and wounds of those victims, the Fund/UK society looked after them, instead of the state itself. In this incident, the British State should have come into prominence, but chose to remain silent. That’s why, 10 Downing Street (PM’s Compound) should be ashamed for this as British society assumed all responsibilities that British government had to instead of UK society.    

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