İrem GÖL -TDO- Mark Gallagher, a consultant cardiologist working for NHS, said that in the UK coronavirus testing was not sufficient. Even the healthcare workers who were at risk because of the nature of their work, and could also risk other patients, were not tested even if they had the symptoms. “They are abandoning the basic principles for dealing with an epidemic, which is to test whenever possible, trace contacts and contain. Almost all individual physicians I know feel that what they are doing is wrong” he said.

Although the recommendation of self-isolation by Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a slight improvement in the UK’s policy, it is not seen effective enough and criticised. Gallagher emphasised the ineffectiveness of the policies. He suggested: “It could be eliminated if we worked hard, but there is the policy of surrender.”

Gallagher states that the problem is the instructions given by the Public Health England and the government which are based on mathematical modelling. Strict lockdowns in Hubei and contact tracing in South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore is known to be successful so far. These policies should be taken as an example and extended, yet, the government of the UK is falling shot from that.

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