Serhat TUNAR -TDO- As it is known, the tension between the two countries increased with the British detention of Iranian flag tanker allegedly carrying oil to Syria in Gibraltar last week. After the event, Iran, this situation would have consequences for Britain had made a statement. Following Iran's threatening statements, Britain led a second warship to the Persian Gulf.

The UK Government announced that this orientation is part of a previously planned rotation to ensure the continuity of the British navy in the region, one of the world's most important oil trade routes.

Following the incident, the British navy HMS Montrose warship began to accompany some merchant ships after the threat of Iranian detained tankers to target British oil ships. Last Wednesday, the British Defense Department announced on Wednesday that three Iranian military boats were attempting to harass an oil tanker.

Iran, on the other hand, denied that such an incident took place while claiming that the release of the detained tanker would be in the interest of all countries.

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