İrem Uzun -TDO- Dominic Cummings has developed symptoms of coronavirus over the weekend and is self-isolating, local sources has confirmed. Boris Johnson’s key adviser, who was last seen running through Downing Street on Friday, is believed to have experienced mild symptoms including a cough. The prime minister and the health secretary, Matt Hancock, are already self-isolating after developing symptoms towards the end of last week. Several other British media also reported Cummings was isolating, citing an unnamed source at Downing Street.

Johnson on Friday became the first leader of a major world power to announce he had tested positive for the virus. His health minister, Matt Hancock, also tested positive and the government's chief medical adviser, Chris Whitty, is self-isolating. Cummings was seen leaving Downing Street shortly after Johnson revealed he had tested positive. Last week, the adviser denied a newspaper report which said he had prioritized herd immunity and the economy in the coronavirus crisis at the expense of pensioners dying. Britain initially took a modest approach to containing the spread of the disease compared to its European peers such as Italy and France. But Johnson imposed stringent controls after projections showed a quarter of a million people could die. He is now self-isolating in Downing Street.

The country has recorded 1,228 deaths from the virus so far, and Johnson has repeatedly warned that its heath service, the NHS, is at risk of collapsing if people do not follow the rules to stay at home. Speaking at the UK‘s daily press conference on the latest coronavirus news, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer said a lockdown could last for months in the country.

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