Following the declaration of the results of Brexit referendum which was awaited impatiently, Prime minister of United Kingdom David Cameron declared his resignation. He stated that he will stabilize country’s economy and will conduct the EU exit negotiations until his resign from office.
52% of the public says “no”
51,9% People of United Kingdom responded “no” meaning that “UK should leave” the question of “Whether UK remain as the official member of EU or it leave the EU?” in the referendums awaited impatiently.
English pound stunningly declined when the results started to become clear. Following the opining of ballot box, Pound slumped to the lowest level in 3 years by losing around 8% of its value.
Today marks the independence day
“I anticipate that the decision of remaining in the EU will be the result of the referendum by a narrow margin” said Nigel Farage, leader of pro-leaving EU and right wing extremist UK Independence party (UKIP) in the press conference that was held at the same time with the beginning of counting. However, after the certain results which is opposite of what Farage predicted, he again gave speeches to the press and declared “the victory” and said “today marks the independence day.”
“We took back our country. Everyone, thank you.” commented Farage in his personal twitter account.
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