İrem UZUN -TDO- The UK has detected two cases of another "more transmissible" variant of coronavirus, the health secretary Matt Hancock says. Both cases are linked to travel to South Africa, where the variant has been linked to a surge in cases. Travel restrictions with South Africa have been imposed.

The government is now set to implement travel restrictions on those entering the nation from South Africa, while the health secretary urged those who had arrived from the country in the last fortnight to isolate immediately for two weeks. Hancock said "These measures are temporary while we investigate further this new strain which is shortly to be analyzed at Porton Down." Referring to its carriers, he added: "Both are contacts of cases who have travelled from South Africa over the past few weeks."

Susan Hopkins from Public Health England said the spread of the South Africa-linked variant would be controlled and said vaccines that have already been developed should be effective.  "We have no evidence at the moment that the vaccine will not work, so actually what that means in fact is that there's strong evidence that it will work, because the vaccine produces a strong immune response and it's broad and acts against lots of variation in the virus," she said.

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