Görkem ŞEKEROĞLU -TDO- Uganda's long-time leader Yoweri Museveni has been re-elected for a sixth term, in a vote his rival Bobi Wine has claimed was rigged, calling on the country to dismiss the results.

Museveni won almost 59% of the vote, with Bobi Wine following with about 35%, the Electoral Commission said.

The internet in Uganda has been shut down for days under a government order, a fact that has been criticised by poll monitors.

Bobi Wine, a former singer, has said he would provide evidence of fraud once the internet was restored. However, the Electoral Commission denied there was any vote-rigging in Thursday's (January 16) poll.

Dozens of people have been killed during violence in the run-up to the election. Opposition politicians have also accused the government of harassment.

On Friday, Bobi Wine said that as the results came in, Ugandan soldiers had breached his home. A government spokesman accused him of exaggerating the incident.

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