U.S. Wants to See YPG in Peace Talks


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Spokesman of U.S. Secretary of State, Mark Toner, asked about YPG and he replied that YPG was the most influential group against ISIS and deserved to be a part of peace talks regarding Syrian Civil War.

He said ‘’YPG was joined to the war and their voice should be heard.’’ He added that PKK was still determined as a terrorist organization by USA but YPG was not. He said USA only provided technical and strategic support to YPG did not gave them any weapons, regarding Turkish concerns.

It is obvious that this was the last American attempt to justify the rise of Kurds in the Middle East. From the beginning of the counter terrorism act of U.S. led coalition in Iraq and Syria, American government used Kurdish forces as a pawn. Similar to Bush administration, Obama tried to make demographic changes in the region, put some groups forward and outstripped others, for its own benefit. The crazy thing is; Although American officers repeated that they want to fight with local forces to have permanent peace in the region, they lead Kurdish forces to Turkish lands and Shiite forces to Sunni lands.  It is significant to remind several Kurdish commands said, they would not leave the territory where they had gained from whether ISIS or the regime forces.  It seems USA will try to force regional powers to recognize Kurdish militants and betray its alliances again.

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