Selin ATAY -TDO- The US State Department approved the sale of F-12 billion 500 million dollars worth of F-35 aircraft-related equipment and ammunition to Finland.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency issued a written statement on the sale of the F-35. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to grant Finland approval for the sale of its equipment related to F-35 aircraft, surface-to-air missiles and air-to-land guided munitions, with an estimated cost of $ 12.5 billion.”, the statement said.

According to the statement issued by the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, a notification was sent to Congress about the sale of the F-35. The package of sales to Finland included 64 "F-35A" type aircraft, 66 spare engines and more than 1,000 missiles of various calibers and capabilities used in F-35 aircraft, the statement said.

The State Department's approval of arms sales only means that from the point of view of the US administration, the sale does not constitute a problem.

According to the procedures, if the US Congress does not appeal the decision of the US State Department within 30 business days, the administration begins negotiations with the country that approved the sale for the content of the sale package.

At the end of the sale negotiations, the US transmits a letter of offer to the buyer country in question. If the buyer country responds positively to the offer, the procurement process of the agreed sales package takes place.

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