News Centre – TDO- Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Isankuli Amanlıyev has hosted a reception at the Ankara Swiss Hotel to mark the 27th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence.

The reception was attended by Governor of Ankara Ercan Topaca, former Minister for Energy Taner Yıldız, former Minister for Transport Ahmet Arslan, Governor of Yozgat Kemal Yurtnaç and District Governor of Çankaya Kadir Çakır, as well as many representatives of foreign missions.

The event began with the signing of the national anthems of Turkey and Turkmenistan. 

In his opening speech, Turkmen Ambassador Isankuli Amanlıyev informed the audience of the steps taken, investments carried out and developments in the economy in Turkmenistan over the 27 years and said “The prioritised state policy principles of the President of Turkmenistan always offers us great opportunities to increase the social security of the population. A large part of the state budget is devoted to education, healthcare, sports and other social fields. At the same time, great importance is given to the development of the rich cultural heritage of the Turkmen people. The spiritual culture policy in effect in the country ensures that higher levels are reached in education, science, culture and the arts. In addition the state has been carrying out large scale projects in healthcare. Modern health centres and institutes have been established in Ashgabat and various provinces and these are being developed further.  The state policy in the field of physical education and sports is also yielding positive results.” 

Speaking of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and the auto rally held in Ashgabat last year, Ambassador Amanlıyev said that Ashgabat is to host the International Weightlifting Championship in November and added “Today independent and neutral Turkmenistan is advancing with confidence through major innovations applied to all fields of economic and social life.  In addition, issues to do with Turkmenistan taking its place among the developed nations of the world are being tackled with great success.”

Ambassador Amanlıyev said that since its independence was approved by the United Nations General Assembly on December 12th 1995, Turkmenistan has permanently adhered to the law of neutrality and stated "Today the policy of peace pursued by Turkmenistan rests on the three main principles of trust, transparency and security. This policy aims towards the constructive resolution of regional and global issues.”

Ambassador Amnalıyev told the audience that Turkmen President Kurbankulu Berdimuhammedov had proposed at the 73rd General Assembly meeting of the United Nations for the year 2019 to be declared the year of peace and welfare and said that the realisation of this proposal would play an important role in ensuring world peace and security.  

Ambassador Amanlıyev said that bilateral ties between Turkmenistan and Turkey were developing, that they had reached new heights over the recent years and that the centuries old ties of friendship and fraternity were important conditions of Turkish-Turkmen brotherhood and thanked guests and Mr Ercan Topaca for attending the reception.

Governor Topaca said in his speech that the day of independence of Turkmenistan, which they view as the homeland, had been a source of pride and joy for them and added: “This is because Turkey and Turkmenistan are two fraternal countries that draw from the same culture and faith. Our ancestors and roots are the same.  Migrating to Anatolia from the homeland, we took on the names of Seljuks, Ottomans and Turkey.  Those who stayed in the homeland are today living in Turkmenistan.

“Turkmenistan is a major centre for the birth and development of civilisation. Turkmenistan is a region which has gifted much to today's civilisation in human and cultural terms. On this occasion, we would like to thank our Turkmen brothers who have created and maintained these values and brought them up to the present. 

“I fully believe that the bilateral and multilateral cooperation we have deepened with political will and determination over more than quarter of a century will become stronger in the future. For continued stability in our region, our determination to work together is as important today as it was in the past.

“We should make intense efforts in the coming period to strengthen  our perfect relationship which draws from shared genealogy, language, religion and culture between out peoples qand have developed along lines of love and respect until now. In this framework, we need to add momentum to high level visits which were paused in the recent period.

“I would like to emphasise that we support the work carried out by Turkmenistan, which has declared the year 2018 “Turkmenistan – Heart of the Historical Silk Road” to revitalise this ancient trade route as a country that is located on the same route and that we are ready to run joint work on this issue.

“Following the opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway last year, the opening of the Turkmenbashi Port in May has strengthened the central corridor of Turkmenistan, as well as its role on the modern Silk Road.

“We in Turkey are pleased to see Turkmenistan’s star shine brighter in its region with each passing day, as a fraternal country in the heart of Central Asia. In this framework, we wish to increase our cooperation and to reinsert dynamism to our relationship.

“I would like to take this occasion to once more congratulate our Turkmen brothers and sisters on this important day, to express my respects to guests here and to say, ‘Long Live the Turkish-Turkmen fraternity.” 

Following the speeches, the message by Vice President Fuat Oktay, who was unable to attend, was read out. 

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