News Centre -TDO- In the context of the announcement of 2019 as the “Year of Homeland of Successes in Turkmenistan”, the Embassy of Turkmenistan is planning to organize competitions of mini-football, volleyball, baseball, table tennis and chess in Ankara on the occasion of the sports and health activities organized under the slogan Health and Happiness.

In this context, a football competition was organized with the participation of Turkmenistan students on 13th April 2019 at the football stadium of Hacettepe University's Beytepe campus.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the football tournament, Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Ankara, Ishankuli Amanlıyev said that the sports and physical education policy applied in Turkmenistan under the leadership of Turkmenistan President Gurbangulı Berdimuhamedov aims the development of sports field in Turkmenistan, the development of the young population of the country and the physical and spiritual aspects.Mr. Ambassador also emphasized that various infrastructure facilities in the country contribute to the success of Turkmen sportsmen by participating in international sports activities and to increase the reputation of Turkmenistan as a sporting country at regional and international levels..

The tournament was even more exciting when the games started. The competition between Turkmenistan's four football teams, meaning development (Bagtıyarlık), prosperity (Rovaçlık), friendship (Dostluk) and health (Sagdınlık), symbolizing success in all areas today, was fully competitive. The final game of the tournament won by the Bagtıyarlık team, which consisted of students from Turkmenistan studying at the universities in Ankara. The teams that participated in the tournament by the embassy were presented with medals, certificates of appreciation and gifts, and the first team was handed over the championship cup. After the trophy award ceremony, a souvenir photo of the tournament participants was taken.

Overall, the football tournament took place in a friendly atmosphere. Participants expressed their gratitude to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Turkey for governing sporting events.

At the end of the competition, traditional meals were served from the Turkmen cuisine to the participants and guests. 

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