Turkey’s leading OSTIM Technical University conferred the first ever “International Education Entrepreneur Excellence Award” upon Syed Ghalib Raza Gillani, Director, Pakistan Embassy School Ankara at a prestigious ceremony in Ankara on Wednesday. 

Prof. Dr. Emrullah İşler, Chairman of National Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey  was the guest of honour while Ambassador of Pakistan Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi; Chairman of OSTİM Board of Trustees, Mr. Orhan Aydın;  Rector of OSTİM Technical University, Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek; faculty members of OSTIM Technical University and Pakistan Embassy School attended the award ceremony.

In his remarks, Prof. Dr. Emrullah Işler, said Pakistan is our brotherly country and Turks are grown up saying “Jeevay Pakistan.” He reiterated the importance of mutual cooperation and development of the two countries in the field of education. 

Ambassador Syrus Qazi in his speech said conferment of this inaugural award by OSTIM Technical University is not only an honour for Ghalib Gillani but also an honour for Pakistan Embassy and the Pakistani academia. He noted that Pakistan Embassy School is an important educational outpost of Pakistan which has a proud history of contribution to the education of students from Pakistan, Turkey and over 50 foreign nationalities. The Ambassador emphasized that the school is an important source of cementing Pakistan-Turkey relations. He appreciated the hard work and contribution of Ghalib Gillani for making Pakistan Embassy School a symbol of pride for Pakistan. 

Mr. Orhan Aydın, in his address highlighted the special nature of Pakistan-Turkey relations. He hoped that these fraternal relations will be further strengthened through educational collaboration. 

Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek in his welcome address said OSTM Technical University is the first industry University of Turkey. Referring to the selection criteria of the award, Prof. Dr. Murat said although there are a large number of schools affiliated with various Embassies in Ankara, however, Pakistan Embassy School under its Director Ghalib Raza Gillani is truly an international school. He noted that Ghalib Gillani is a competent educationist who has served in Pakistan, China, Canada, Egypt, Iran and Turkey and truly deserved to receive our first Award.

In his acceptance speech, Syed Ghalib Raza Gillani thanked the Rector and OSTIM Technical University for conferment of the Award. He said this award will definitely touch the hearts of Pakistanis and shall strengthen the bond of love which unites Pakistan and Turkey. Dedicating the award to his parents and teachers, Ghalib Gillani said he also shared this honour with students and colleagues of the school.


First Secretary (Press)

Embassy of Pakistan

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