Serhat TUNAR - TDO -Dilek Livaneli, a class teacher in a village school in Samsun, was awarded with the European International Leading Woman Award. At the award ceremony held in the European Parliament, a Turkish teacher was awarded for the first time in the history of this award. Among the 8 women nominated for the award there was another Turkish citizen Mine Yıldız.

As is known, Dilek Livaneli entered the list of the top 50 teachers of the world in 2014. Livaneli, in her speech at the award ceremony emphasized the importance of self-confidence.

After the ceremony, Dilek Livaneli made statements to Euronews and said that she had worked as a non-governmental organization for 16 years, not just as a village teacher. She organized intercity tours; in which some of the women in the village boarded a plane first time in their entire life also Dilek Livaneli helped them to learn reading and writing.

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