News Center -TDO- 02.02.2020 -Hosted by the Israeli Embassy, the 2011 Turkish documentary film “Turkish Passport”, directed by Burak Arliel, which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, met with audiences at the Ankara Büyülü Fener Cinema.

The film was attended by a large number of foreign mission representatives and embassy employees as well as invited guests.

The documentary is about a group of Turkish diplomats between 1941 and 1944 who helped thousands of European Jews escape the Nazi death camps. It is one of the lesser-known stories of Holocaust survivors, but 70 years later, details of this extraordinary saga emerged with the release of the documentary "The Turkish passport."

Close to 20 Turkish ambassador and Consul - Paris, Marseille, Budapest, Prague, Varna, Hamburg and Rhodes - to save the lives of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe reveals the extraordinary efforts of Turkish origin gave.

It reveals how Turkish diplomats took advantage of Turkey's neutral status for most of World War II to help Jewish citizens of their countries scattered across Nazi-occupied Europe. In some cases this meant giving them Turkish passports to provide protection during routine identity checks, and in more extreme cases, it meant being taken off trains to death camps.

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