The ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia that has officially been in place since 1994 but has been violated almost constantly since then has almost disappeared in 2016. Following the silence of 22 years, the intensification of the attacks on Azerbaijan from the Armenian side have forced the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to respond in kind.As usual, civilian settlements were the first to suffer in the conflict that has erupted. News of the clashes broadcast in the two countries have featured dead or wounded civilians more than military personnel. With the ceasefire violations that have come very close to reigniting the war, Azerbaijan has liberated a very small amount of its territory that has been occupied by Armenia. This modest success, after almost quarter of a century was enough to set things in motion in Armenian. While the reports of losses were rejected officially, by President serge Sarkisyan himself, there have been changes in the Interior and Defence ministries, as well as among the top brass of the intelligence agency.Both Sarkisyan and his Azerbaijani counterpart Aliyev have visited wounded civilians and soldiers in hospital. Aliyev also visited the border region with his spouse Mihriban Aliyeva. Aliyev said that Armenia would withdraw from the lands it has occupied one way or the other, that Armenia had seen what would happen otherwise in the latest round of fighting and that Azerbaijan would not give up its objective of liberating its territories.On the Armenian side, the ramifications of the fighting seem to go beyond Serge Sarkisyan2s statements and changes in the administration. It has been claimed that other than the small number of Azerbaijani troops killed in the fighting, there were some casualties from the Turkish Armed Forces. Kevork Zeytunciyan of the Hinchak Party and Hagop Manukyan of the Tashnak Party have revealed detailed information about the Turkish Armed Forces personnel who were killed in Nagorno-Karabagh and their transfer away from the region.
Although it has not made the news in Turkey, the Turkish Armed Forces seems to have suffered its first losses in Nagorno-Karabagh in April. By a twist of fate, troops commanded by Nuri Pasha had first fought Armenian, British and Russia troops in Azerbaijan 98 years ago on March 30th- April 3rd, after attacks on civilians. History has repeated itself 98 years later with the defeat of Armenian forces despite all the backing they have received. For the Turkish side too, a historical precedent has been followed. A part of occupied territory under oppression has been liberated at the cost of blood. News Centre

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