Turkey will Send Oil to Palestinians


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- According to the Energy Authority in Gaza, Turkey will send around 15 million liters of diesel fuel to the region. In the last Friday, 10,000 people rallied in the Jabaliya refugee camp which is  in the north of the Palestine , regarding electricity cuts. Gazans were exhausted by getting electricity for only a few hours a day, since the region's only power plant stopped operating last week.

Gaza's power plant had been operating only at half capacity for some time, largely because of a lack of fuel. In Gaza, most of the residents can not pay their  electricity bills. According to the New York Times, as the electricity companies sink into debt, the PA has been cutting the tax exemptions and  imposed  90% tax on fuel sold in the local markets, in Gaza and the West Bank

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported that at least 130 people in the Gaza Strip died because they had been forced to use alternative energy sources likewise; candles, in order  to light their homes and cook. About  2 million people living in Gaza have already  deprived of clean drinking water and access to medical care.  Unemployment and poverty are other problems in the region.

Israel targeted Gaza's only power plant two times as; the first one happened  in June 2006 and the other  in July 2014.  Amnesty International claimed that by these attacks, Israel punished whole residents and probably Israeli government committed a war crime. 

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