İrem GÖL -TDO- President Erdogan announced the relaxation of the measures to contain the coronavirus in Turkey. Turkey has 130,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, the highest total outside Western Europe, the United States and Russia, and has been in lockdown at weekends and on national holidays since the start of April. The containment measures starts after the first coronavirus case was reported early in March. It has imposed travel restrictions in 31 major cities and also shut schools, restaurants, bars and shops.

President Erdogan said on Monday that Turkey will start easing the coronavirus restrictions gradually in May as the spread of the outbreak slowed down over the past two weeks. The senior and youth citizens will be allowed outside for four hours for one day a week from next weekend and the travel restrictions would be lifted for seven cities. The three biggest cities of the country, İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir are excluded from this decision.

Shopping malls, barber shops and some stores will be allowed to open on May 11 under the normalisation rules. The universities will remain closed until 15th of June. Erdogan said: “We will implement this normalisation plan dynamically. Some dates may be brought forward or pushed back depending on developments.”

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