Every day on the news, we are reading news concerning Syrian refugees and migrants drowning in the sea on their way to Europe. Before reach to European countries, their first destination is mostly Turkey. Among these Syrians, millions of them stay in Turkey in refugee camps, where are located in south eastern of Turkey. However, rest of Syrians, who do not prefer to reside in Turkey, try to reach European countries through Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. Yet, most of them are drowning in the sea. The problem of Syrians is concerning many European countries and neighbour countries of Syria but mostly this problem is concerning Turkey simply because Turkey is the one which hosts roughly 2 million Syrians within the borders among concerned countries. However, unlike the other countries, the status of Syrians living in Turkey is completely different than other countries due to exceptions which will be explained later on. And recently, there are some speculations and controversies over whether Syrians will be integrated to the Turkish society or not. The facts then show that Syrians are likely to be a challenge for Turkey in the future in case of their integration to the Turkish society that even now Turkish people are facing problems about Syrians.By Kaan ŞENERYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of January

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