News Center -TDO- As part of the Business Talks with Ambassadors event series, the "Turkey-Montenegro Business, Law and Investments Conference, organized by the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) and the International Law, Development and Investments Association (ILIDA), was held at the Ankara Chamber of Industry Conference Hall. .

Montenegro's Ambassador to Ankara Perisa Kastratovic, ASO President Nurettin Özdebir, ILIDA International Law, Development and Investments Association President Arzu Ongur, Turkish Young Businessmen Association (TÜGİAD) Ankara Branch Head Burak Dalgıç, Ankara Bar Association President Mehmet Eren Turan, business people. attended by the guests.

In his speech at the opening of the conference, ASO President Nurettin Özdebir stated that important regulations such as the Free Trade Agreement signed between Turkey and Montenegro in 2008, the Economic Cooperation Agreement signed in 2009 and the Agreement on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments signed in 2012 are important steps towards the development of economic relations. told.

Stating that with the Free Trade Agreement, Turkish exporters are provided with the opportunity to compete with the European Union (EU) exporters in the Montenegrin market, Özdebir also stated that the customs duties applied in the import of all Montenegrin origin industrial goods to Turkey have been zeroed.

Arzu Ongur, President of ILIDA International Law, Development and Investments Association, also stated that Turkish companies make up one-third of foreign companies in Montenegro, and stated that Turkish investors are particularly interested in tourism, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and construction, and banking sectors.

Turkey Young Businessmen Association (TÜGİAD) Ankara Branch President Burak Dalgıç also stated that strong cooperation makes business and investment opportunities in Montenegro more attractive and said, "Turkey, which is one of the top 5 countries to which Montenegro exports the most, is also Montenegro. We, young business people, will continue our work with great seriousness in order to make it one of the top 5 supplier countries of Turkey." said.

Ankara Bar Association President Mehmet Eren Turan also stated that legal aspects should be taken into consideration in the commercial relations between the two countries and said, "The increasing interest of Turkish business people in Montenegro, along with the information pollution, and the correct information about the practices and incentives for foreign investors put into effect by a certain part of our investors by the Montenegrin government. It can lead to investments without ownership.” said.

Before the conference, a promotional video about Montenegro was shown.

Speaking at the conference held with the moderator, Ambassador Kastratovic said that there is a 140-year-old diplomatic relationship between the two countries and that he is very pleased to be in Turkey.

Emphasizing that the relations with Turkey are at a very good level, Ambassador Kastratovic stated that the intergovernmental dialogue also has a very positive atmosphere, as can be seen from the mutual visits at the level of heads of state.

Noting that they are doing their best to attract foreign investors to their country, Ambassador Kastratovic underlined that they "provide all kinds of facilities to reveal the potential of Montenegro".

Stating that Montenegro's population of 620,000 includes Turkish citizens, Ambassador Kastratovic said that the presence of Turks in their country is very important for the future.

Regarding the investment opportunities in Montenegro, Ambassador Kastratovic stated that Montenegro is one of the most stable countries in the region and said that they did not take part in the war in the 90s and that they managed to get out of the war atmosphere in the region by preserving their multicultural and multi-ethnic texture.

Stating that they are a very small country, but in a geographically important place, they are also an important transit line on the way to other countries, Ambassador Kastratovic stated that Turkey is one of the 10 countries that invest the most in Montenegro, and for those who want to invest, air, sea and iron He said the road connections were strong enough.

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