Serhat TUNAR –TDO- After being added to the agenda at the end of 2016, "establishing a space agency" subject has resulted in Turkey today and Turkish Space Agency was formally established with a Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette.[1]

Among the 21 tasks specified in the Decree of the Agency there are; ’to prepare and implement the National Space Program in line with the policies specified by the President; to prepare strategic plans for space, aviation science and technologies; Carrying out the necessary work for the development of a competitive space and aviation industry; to keep records of the objects thrown into space in accordance with the international agreements, to carry out the representation procedures at the UN; Conducting or organizing operations aimed at access to manned or unmanned space and exploration of space with commercial, scientific research-development space operations; to make plans, projects and works in order to ensure all kinds of product, technology, system design, production, integration and necessary tests related to space and aerospace; to pioneer in increasing the interest in space and aviation technologies; to follow the developments in international space law and to cooperate with equivalent foreign organizations, to carry out all kinds of activities, including the legislation on space law and to perform other duties given by the Minister of Industry and Technology.


[1] http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/main.aspx?home=http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2018/12/20181213.htm&main=http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2018/12/20181213.htm

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