The Middle East, of which Turkey is a part, has been quagmire for the past century. With the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, the powers that were withdrew from the region, leaving behind ruins and a mess that is increasingly difficult to untangle.By the end of WWI, British and French forces had entered the planning phase of the distribution of lands that the Ottomans had ruled. The borders which were allegedly created with balance in mind, tribes and peoples that were divided were just parts of this plan. Hatay joining Turkey and the declaration of independence of TRNC were events which had not been foreseen. Turkey’s significant control over the eastern Mediterranean brought about the necessity of rethinking the borders that had been drawn up. Decades of regional conflict, dictatorial regimes that were first propped up and then destroyed were master strokes of this future planning. The Iran-Iraq War, the invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf Wars, the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War were just means for writing in the final terms of the function. Millions who were killed died to become small building blocks of a much larger structure.By İlker YILMAZYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of September

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