News Center –TDO- A conference on "TURKEY AND KOREA: TWO BRIDGES IN EURASIA" was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Center for Eurasian Studies (AVIM) in Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

Korean Ambassador Yunsoo Cho, Seoul Ambassador Ersin Erçin, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı, KINU Research Assistant Taeun Mın and Seungsoo Hyun, Retired Ambassador Yiğit Alpogan, ORSAM Chair Assoc. Dr. Şaban Karataş, A.Ü. Professor Dr. Çınar Özen, ORSAM Expert Oytun Orhan, General Director of the National Diplomatic Academy of Korea Dr. Many academicians, research assistants and distinguished guests attended the conference as Nam-sik In speaker.

In the conference, it was stated clearly that the two countries had a significant place in the transition route of energy transmission lines with land and railway connections, indicating the importance of Eurasia geography by considering the past daily development of Turkish-Korean relations.

KINU Research Officer Seungsoo Hyun stated that in order to understand Eurasia it is necessary to know the Turkish language and that he is interested in this issue in Korea.

The most striking aspect of the conference was the establishment of the Turkish flag for highways, railways and energy transmission lines in Turkey's position.


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