Serhat TUNAR -TDO- According to the official results of the presidential election held in Tunisia last Sunday, known as the place where the Arab Spring began, the independent candidate Kays Said, who received nearly 19 percent of the century, and detained media boss Nebil al-Karvi, who received 16 percent of the vote, remained in the second round.

Nahda Movement's nominee Abdulfettah Moro received 13 percent of the vote and Nida Tunisian party's former Defense Minister Abdulkerimez-Zubeydi received 101 percent, while Prime Minister Yusuf Shahid was able to receive 7 percent of the vote.

The High Election Commission is expected to announce the final results by 21 October. The official date of the second round of elections is expected to be determined after the final results are announced.

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