Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Tunisia, the starting point of the Arab Spring, the people went to the polls for the presidential election.

The rate of participation in the elections, in which 24 candidates competed to become President, was announced as 45 percent. When the turnout remains low, the Supreme Election Board urged young people to go to the polls and exercise their democratic rights hours before the voting process is completed.

In the elections, the second democratic race in the history of the country, it is certain that none of the candidates will win more than 50 percent of the vote and therefore the second round will be held. The poll results of the parties and candidates are expected to be released from polls, while the official results are scheduled to be announced on Tuesday at the latest. The second round of elections for the first two candidates will be held on 13 October.

Tunisian television channel El Hiwar Ettounsi announced the first results of the Constitutional Professor Kays Said 19.5 percent of the vote. Said is followed by Nebil Karvi, chairman of the Tunisian Heart Party, who received 15 percent of the vote.

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