Prime Minister Tsipras offered a life vest used by illegal refugees who crossed Aegean Sea in order to reach Europe as a gift to Ban Ki-Moon General Secretary of United Nations. Following a joke regarding the life vest of a refugee, both leader’s smile sparked critics. Both leader was met as a part of visit to Greece of Ban and held a press conference after the meeting.A gift from Tsipras to BanTsipras stated that he wants to give a symbolic gift to Ban and said "This object is used by people who reached Greek islands after crossing Aegean Seas and is found by residents of islands in the shores." “I am hoping that this agreement will be maintained and therefore this agreement led these people at the mercy of human smugglers to not oblige to use life vests" said Tsipras by indicating that the agreement between Turkey and European Union(EU) decreased the number of refugees reaching Greece.Joke of Ban attracted reactionsBan posed for cameras by wearing life vest and said "I would like to thank you for your gift. Many people had needed this object and actually I need it also since I do not know how to swim." Following a joke with regard to this object, smile of both leaders’ sparked critics.
Ban stated that people of Greece and Greek government act with solidarity on the subject of the refugee crisis and expressed its gratitude for the efforts made. Additionally, Ban emphasized the need of more support from international platform to Greece. Özcan Ali Osman

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