Nuran YILDIRIM –TDO- US President Donald Trump signed a decision on Monday confirming the abandoning of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The deterioration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is of great importance for the global economy, is regarded as an end of multi-national trade agreements.

As a part of his “America First” approach, Trump has been changing the external politics of America; and yet his approach downgrades the value of America’s global leadership. The US will now form a government policy to strengthen existing bilateral relations, rather than establishing a global system for their own interests.

In this context, Trump’s decision to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership represents an example of aggressive stance of Trump against global economy. With this decision, it might be argued, Trump is trying to protect American workers against competition from low-wage countries. 

On the other hand, Trump radically changes America's foreign policy with its "America first" approach, damaging the country's leadership position in the global context. Trump is giving up the hegemony that the United States has gained worldwide through international organizations.

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