İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-09.09.2017- It has been revealed that during his trip to Saudi Arabia, US President Donald Trump got unique and luxurious presents directly from Prince Salman.

After his inaguration in 21st of January, Trump went to Saudi Arabia as his first abroad trip. He came back with about trillion dollars of income in exchange for modest weapons and security systems.

What is interesting here is that there were suspcious photos that Trump seems to be a part of special ceremonies as Prince affix American President a golden necklace.

Actually, these kind of actions were done by Western leaders to lleaders of the less developped world and could be understood as a sign of supremacy.

It is unbeliavable that the real story is this. Although, the points that Riyadh and Washington agree on international politics are increasing, it is impossible.

Legally, things that given to American presidents are belong to the White House. So, there is no big poblem in here.

On the other hand, it is important to remind that Trump criticized presidential candidate of Democrats, Hillary Clinton, as she got monetarily support from Saudi Arabia.

Besides, he called Saudi Arabian people as ‘’They are people that treat woman horribly and kill them’’. There is also another crackpot here as Trump is accused of underestimating and even insulting woman in USA.

It seems we will continue to watch similar scenes in near future.  

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