Mustafa AY – TDO – 01.03.2018 US President Donald Trump’s Chief Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner’s authority has been downgraded by US authorities. In addition to Kushner, many high-ranking official’s in White House were restricted as well. Following the decision against Kushner, he lost his access to the confidential information of the United States of America, but in theory. Moreover, Kushner cannot have the opportunity to reach the top-secret data given only to President in daily briefing.

According to Washington Post, this decision on restriction over Kushner authority emanated from the state authorities’ suspicion concerning that Kushner may be manipulated by some foreign countries since he has some weak spots. In detail, foreign countries –China, Israel, Mexico and UAE- can access to confidential information of USA through taking advantage of Kushner’s inexperience in foreign policy, his complicated business arrangements and financial drawbacks. Therefore, that those countries may reach the top-secret information of USA is only the matter of manipulation of Trump’s chief advisor.

As highlighted above, US authority’s decision on downgrading Kushner’s authority, which we may construe it as a ‘precautionary act’, is applicable to Kushner, but ‘in theory’. The US President is the only office that has an unlimited access to the top-secrets of the state. Because of the fact that Kushner is not only Trump’s chief advisor, but also the son-in-law, Kushner could get rid of the restriction dictated on himself through his father-in-law Donald Trump. Donald Trump as the President of USA may share any confidential information with anybody that he sees convenient to it. So, Trump may help his son-in-law Kushner avoid the official restrictions.

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