Şimal Çınar –TDO-   After Trump’s travel ban of January 2017, which is called “Trump slump” and declared that those from certain Muslim majority countries should not be allowed to enter the United States, international arrivals to US have been declining consistently according to analysts. The decrease was not only caused by the decline of people of the mentioned countries but also of European and Asia Pacific countries. This decrease came at a time when international arrivals across the world have increased by 4.6 percent and the US dollar was strengthened making it the travelling to US more expensive. Even though there are other components to this decrease such as Hurricane Irma and Las Vegas shooting, Olivier Jager, co-founder and CEO of the firm that came up with the analysis, ForwardKeys said “Our latest detailed findings confirm what our data has been predicting since the first travel ban. There has been a Trump Slump and the strong dollar has compounded it.” Jager added “This must be worrying for the US economy – travel is a huge earner for the United States and relative to the rest of the world, its tourism exports are losing ground.”

Trump’s America First rhetoric and anti-immigrant comments are thought to have an effect as well. According to the comment of Vincent Wolfington, former chair of the World Travel and Tourism Council, when people travel want a pleasant emotional experience and the rhetoric make them think that foreigners are not welcomed in US. 

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