The new policies of the transition Temer government which has taken office after the fall of the Rousseff government disturb many sections of the public, especially women.Brazil hosted the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio between August 5th-21st. However, the ‘Car Wash’ operations which took place in the run up to the Olympics, the fall of the Rousseff government and the spread of the Zika virus have combined to deny Brazil the benefits it expected to reap from the Olympics. Participation and ticket sales fell below expectations. While the entire world watched the athletes on TV, another Brazil existed outside of the Olympic village. As the transition government was established, trouble could be felt on the streets. Amidst the water shortage, some parts of the country were struggling with the Zika virus. The virus has spread to many parts of the American continent and the USA has issued the same level of warning for it as for the Ebola virus. Some countries refused to send their athletes to the Olympics. By İrem GÖLYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of September

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