Serhat TUNAR -TDO- 22 cities across Europe have agreed that strict rules should be introduced against Airbnb and other short-term holiday rental platforms. 22 city municipalities claim that property prices have increased because of the platforms in question, and that people are having trouble finding homes to rent.

Representatives of these cities, including cities visited by tourists such as Paris, Barcelona, Florence and Berlin, met with European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to introduce a new legal framework for these platforms.

Some cities have imposed restrictions on short leases and decided to fight illegal leases. But it would not be possible to fight companies such as Airbnb without a legal framework being established before the European Union.

The city of Paris had sued Airbnb and Wimdu for failing to operate as traditional residential rental companies. But last December, the European Court of Justice rejected France's request.

Municipalities are also demanding that tenants limit the number of annual overnight stays. The companies in question, on the other hand, say that they do not rent houses, but only meet landlords and tenants.

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