News Center -TDO- The Philippines Tourism Promotion meeting was held at the HiltonSA Hotel in Ankara, hosted by the Philippines Ambassador to Turkey Raul Hernandez and his spouse Ana Algabre Hernandez.

The meeting, which was held in Ankara after Izmir and Istanbul, was attended by Verna Esmeralda Buensuceso, TÜROB, representatives of local and foreign travel agencies and invited guests from the Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines.

Verna Esmeralda Buensuceso, who gave the keynote address, described the tourism potential and attractions of the Philippines with short slides.

Ambassador Raul Hernandez said in his speech here:

“This year, the two countries celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations. This is an important milestone in the bilateral relationship, which the Philippines places great importance on.

The Philippines and Turkey have been important partners since our countries signed the Treaty of friendship 70 years ago, on June 13, 1949. We are the longest-term partner and friend of Turkey in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, as it is known. In recent years we have seen this relationship develop and expand in various areas. Only in the last two years have we signed agreements in the areas of defense, agriculture, education, investment, promotion and, of course, tourism.

Although these developments point to a rapidly advancing relationship, the reality is that more needs to be done to place the Philippines in the consciousness of mainstream Turkish society. There is very little information and meaning about the Philippines in Turkey. While our trade and investment figures are bullish, they remain well below potential. Turkish people are more familiar with and continue to explore trade partnerships with other Southeast Asian countries.

 The same applies to tourism and human-level changes. In 2018, we hosted only 8,600 Turkish nationals in our country. These numbers are quite dim compared to the number of Turks who travel to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and even Vietnam for tourism and entertainment.

But we believe that the Philippines, with its world-famous beaches, award-winning resorts and intensely beautiful natural areas, can rival every tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

 So our job is to continue promoting the Philippines until our country becomes your first choice for tourism and entertainment in Southeast Asia. The presence of the Philippine delegation today as part of the tour of Turkey is testament to the effort made to achieve this goal. Officials from the Philippine Ministry of Tourism have met with members of the private sector for business meetings and networking opportunities in Izmir, Istanbul and today here in Ankara.

We encourage you to work with us to promote and market our goals. Thanks to your partnership, we are confident that more Turks will travel to our country to see the beauty of our country and its people.”

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