After cyber invasions of big corporations immediate precautions are being taken both by the government and by private sector.
With the latest cyber-attacks on intercontinental major companies protection against such measures are only getting stronger. Companies that were attacked by skilled hackers are converging towards one purpose, to obstruct such attacks and if possible deny any attempt concerning breaches in cyber security. The severity of these attacks can be seen from Sony’s example; on 24th of November 2014 confidential data regarding information about employees, their families, private e-mails, footages – materials of yet to be released films were leaked, causing disarray among the company, hackers also exuded that they have taken 100 terabytes of data which is yet to be identified. While the duration of the hack is unknown such wide array hacking is not possible in short amount of time which leads to the thought of a larger scale operations – an organization. A group called “Guardians of Peace” has taken the responsibility for the attack but the question of whether this was an inside job -former Sony employees- still remains a strong opinion. Sony spent 15 million dollars to deal with the aftermath of the cyber invasion, bolstering their cyber security and diminishing any possibility of future cyber-attacks.By Utku AKGÜNEÞYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of March

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