İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO – Houston-based firm, Axiom Space, is seeking to establish a privately-owned international commercial space station.

As the International Space Station (ISS) will have been funded till 2024 and will be shut down, the company proposed a plan to build ‘’space cities’’ that could capture a market worth about $37 billion through 2030. Officials has already had several negotiations with 20 countries.

NASA has approved the plan to attach first multipurpose module to the ISS in late 2020. It will be separated from the ISS and serve as a base for the new commercial space station, somewhere between 2024-2028.

The launch of the first module is expected in 2020. It will host a variety of occupants, from NASA astronauts and cosmonauts of sovereign nations, to individual explorers and even space tourists.


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