İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO – A faction of the Nordic Council which has been founded in 1952 and has 87 members from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden, argued that it's time to create Nordic identity cards. The group which is occurred of Center, Liberal, Green and Christian Democratic party members from each nation, cited numerous unfortunate examples of bureaucratic obstacles that Scandinavians living in another Nordic state faces and advocate the creation of common ID cards.

President of the Nordic Council, Britt Lundberg, said these ID’s does not cancel national citizenships and even complete them. He added ‘’It will give all Nordic citizens the same rights and obligations in the country or autonomous area they choose to settle in’’. He asserted that the aim is also to make the Nordic region more powerful and to create a single market for knowledge, goods, employment and free movement.

On the other hand, there is an old idea about establishment of a Nordic Federation.  It has been planned to gather these five Scandinavian countries that has many commons in language, culture, tradition, mentality, history and religion. Viktor Kock, the chairman of the Finland Swedish Social Democrats Association (FSD) and Christian Sourander from Yggdrasil think thank organization argued that a successful Nordic federation would promote democracy, economy and cultural integration. They believe disappearance of barriers and taxes would have a positive impact on Scandinavian economy, make it more favorable for FDI, loan and create an environment for new Global Nordic Brands. Also, it would bring more employment, growth and stability in the region. Besides, they referred to the idea of a joint Nordic representation in the G20.

In addition to these, there is a Swedish Historian, Gunnar Wetterberg steadily revived the idea of a Nordic Federation. He is known with his book named United Nordic Federation. In a recent newspaper article, he said "If the EU is cracking up, it is prudent to have another solution prepared’’.

Regarding U.S. President Trump’s critical moves about whether migration and economy, ongoing clashes in the Middle East and political disputes in the Pacific, it is understandable why Nordic states try to rally and become more powerful both politically and economically.


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