Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.08.2017 A bunch of rebel pioneered by Capt. Juan Caguaripano managed a small-scale military coup against President Nicolas Maduro by seizing the grip of Fort Paramacay Base. The incident occurred in Valencia, North part of Venezuela. After Capt. Caguaripano highlighted their coup attempt as ‘legitimate uprising’ instead of ‘legitimate coup’, they brought the scope of military insurrection to light. Following the incident, Remigio Ceballos –Strategic Commander of Armed Forces- averted the uprising by neutralizing all the rebels in the base.

It is not the first uprising in Venezuela. Before this, there was the same-scale military insurrection in June. The leader of the insurrection was named Oscar Perez who was a police officer. That he captured a police chopper to organize assail on both Supreme Court and Interior Ministry in Caracas led public astonishment. However, it did not last long as in this military insurrection. President Maduro decreed National Guard to eliminate this uprising as soon as they could. The troops deployed to Capital neutralized Oscar Perez and his men at last.

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