Görkem ŞEKEROĞLU -TDO- Recep Gültekin, Mikail Özen and Palestinian Osama Joda were praised for their heroic actions in the terrorist attacks targeting 6 different points in the center of Vienna.

In the attack on Monday that left 4 people dead and 22 wounded alongside 1 attacker, Recep Tayyip Gültekin, a Turkish man got shot in the leg while helping a woman together with his friend Mikail Özen who said they knew exactly what to do and they had no choice but to help.

They also came to the rescue of an injured police officer and carried him to safety after Osama Joda, a 23 year old man from Palestine gave him first-aid.

In his statement to the local Kourier newspaper, Joda said that he was working at a close-by McDonald’s when the attacker started shooting and shot one of the police officers that came to stop him.

He added that he pulled the cop behind the bench made of concrete to stop the bleeding, and that there was blood everywhere he looked.

When more police arrived at the scene, the culprit had already escaped. Joda,assisted by Gültekin and Özen carried the injured officer to the ambulance.

The Austrian Minister of Interior  Karl Nehammer told journalists that the officer was carried to safety by Austrians of different ethnic background and that no terrorist attack will manage to divide their society.

The Turkish ambassador to Austria Ozan Ceyhun received Özen and Gültekin at the embassy and commended them for their heroic actions.

The man accused of carrying out the attack was a 20-year-old "Islamist terrorist" who was released early from jail in December, and shot dead by police during the incident.

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