Selin ATAY-TDO- General Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, blamed the United States, Israel, Britain and Saudi Arabia for the petrol hike protests in his country, he threatened those countries by saying: "If you cross our red lines, we will destroy you.”

Regime supporters in Iran, staged demonstrations in the capital Tehran in response to last week's petrol hike protests.Those protesting the 300 per cent hike in gasoline on November 15 were accused of being "mischief maker" at the demonstration, where slogans were chanted against the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The demonstration also carried remittances against the government of President Hassan Rouhani.

General Commander Salami, described the reactions to the petrol hike as "war" and a "scenario."; "We are in a big international war. The scenario of the war that started on our streets had an international dimension. This battle is complete. We will not leave any step of the enemy unanswered and unchallenged." he said.

Calling Israel, "do not wait for the United States because they will come to your aid after you have been destroyed," he targeted the countries he claimed to be behind the events by saying: "I call on the United States, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia: you tried US in the Square and you got a strong slap, but you couldn't answer. The world has seen some of these slaps and not seen some of them. Wait up. If you cross our red lines, we will destroy you."

The people of Iran, who have suffered economic difficulties due to US sanctions, started protests in many cities of the country after the announcement of a 3-fold increase in gasoline on November 15.A written statement by Amnesty International said 143 people were killed in protests that erupted across Iran, while international public opinion was asked to condemn the Iranian state's excessive use of force that led to casualties. The statement also quoted confirmed footage showing security forces targeting some protestors from a short distance and from the rooftops of buildings.

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