Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.03.2018 In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Strip and Florida Parkland High School assails, which unfolded only within 6 months, over 70 dead and 900 injured innocent civilians unfolded. In the last attack -Parkland High School-, 17 student were murdered by a 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz with no mercy. Each attack immediately prompted the profound public demonstration against the outdated gun law since the law belongs to 1789-dated US constitution. Namely, the overcrowded protesters rallied in order to call the US Parliament to abloish/outlaw or –as a lesser of two evils- make an effective constitutional amendment for the gun law. Even though many people demanded on the parliament for the amendment of the gun law, the calls of the society were not resulted in as expected. Because the the law proposal targeting restriction on the gun-usage was obstructed and accordingly forgotten as a result of intense lobbies of Republicans.

In 24th of March of 2018, thousands of demonstrators  -majority of the protesters comprised of young high school and college student- organized a rally under the name of “March of Our Lives” in many parts of US states, but especially in the capital city Washington. Besides thousands of juveniles, lots of over-20 mature people marched on the streets in order to endorse the campaign. Emma Gonzalez -a lucky survivor of Parkland attack- played a very notable role as a symbol of the attack in the protest. In addition to her survival from the bloodshed, she witnessed many of her friends. For this reason, she lapsed into a trauma that have made her life very challenging and tough. That she released her terrible moments in the form of ‘Gonzalz diaries’ encouraged the juveniles –so the next generation of USA- to question the constitutional status-quo of the gun law. Thus, many young US citizens organized this inspirational nationwide demonstration to stand against the gun violence and naturally the gun law

In the demonstrations, very popular celebs got engaged so that youngs’ voices may echoes through their part-taking. One of the important celebs was Paul McCartney. He lost his precious friend John Lennon to an assasination. John Lennon was murdered as a result of armed action. McCartney gave an interview to CNN Int. and made meaningful words: “I lost my best friend John Lennon to an armed attack right over here. we all together end the gun violence. Therefore, I support the campaign”.

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