Selin ATAY-TDO-In Gaza, Donald Trump peace plan that called the "deal of the century" was protested.

At demonstrations in various parts of the Gaza Strip, activists reacting to the policies pursued by the United States and Israel carried remittances that read "No to the deal of the century" and "yes to national unity."

Nasr Ahmed, a Palestinian people's committees official, said the disclosure of the plan and the imposition of its contents was a unilateral practice that violated international law.

By saying "We are at a critical crossroads where our presence and cause are targeted." Ahmed warned against the possibility of implementing the plan, and calling on Palestinian groups to end political separation.

Ahmed also asked Arab and Islamic countries to oppose the plan and stand by the Palestinian people.

The details of the so-called peace plan, which the US administration is purporting to "find a solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, have not yet been made clear. But various sources say the plan includes clauses against the Palestinians, such as the abandonment of all of Jerusalem to Israel and the continued existence of large parts of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

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