Selin ATAY-TDO- Thousands of people in Argentina staged demonstrations in support of President Evo Morales, who resigned amid protests in Bolivia that turned violent acts by dissidents and pressure from the military.

At the urging of Bolivians, NGOs and trade unions living in Argentina, thousands filled may Square after a march in the capital Buenos Aires. On the stage set up in the square, speeches in support of Morales were made and songs were sung.

Demonstrators who refused to accept Jeanine Anez's interim head of state following Morales 'resignation described Morales' resignation as a coup.

The demonstrators rejected the intervention of security forces in Bolivia to the demonstrators, commemorating the 23 people who died the protest and wishing for peace for Bolivia.

Following the presidential election in Bolivia on October 20, the opposition claimed the election had been "rigged" and the parties had mutually urged their supporters to take part in street demonstrations.

Following Evo Morales ' announcement that he would be re-elected, the protests would continue until the elections were held, which Morales did not participate in.

Morales left the post after Bolivian army chief of staff Williams Kaliman called for his resignation, and he gone to Mexico, as Mexico reacted and calling the process a "coup” and offer of asylum to Morales.


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